Labour Council dropping the slogan “The Low Tax Borough” bodes badly for Hammersmith & Fulham

One of the first actions from the new Labour controlled administration at Hammersmith & Fulham Council has been to change the Council’s logo in two ways. The first, rather childishly, has been to change the colour of the letters “H” and “F” from blue to red. The second move is more ominous, with the dropping of the now-famous strap line “The Low Tax Borough”.

Labour’s plans for ‘triple whammy’ of property and business taxes: Chelsea and Fulham could be one of hardest hit areas

It has been revealed that Labour is secretly considering plans to impose a ‘triple tax whammy’ on property owners, should it form a Government next year. The proposals for a multi-billion-pound package of 'property wealth taxes' would disproportionately affect London and Southern England, if they went ahead. Chelsea and Fulham would be particularly badly affected as it has some of the highest property and land values in the country, but the homes are not always inhabited by people with high incomes.

Greg Hands regrets Labour takeover at Hammersmith Town Hall

Greg Hands MP today expressed his dismay at the prospect of Labour taking over control of Hammersmith Town Hall at the Council’s Annual General Meeting next week, following Labour’s narrow victory in the Council elections on 22nd May. 

Benefits Cap has helped people move into work

Greg Hands MP has welcomed new official figures which show that more than 100 people affected by the benefit cap have moved into work every week, on average, since the introduction of the policy last April. New official statistics, which are the first to cover the initial year of the policy, show that almost 6,000 households, which were previously subject to the benefit cap, have found jobs overall.