September Brexit Update from Greg Hands

My position on Brexit has been clear since 2016. I led the Remain campaign in Chelsea & Fulham before the June referendum, but since then have been determined to respect the result of the Referendum and work to seek an exit deal with the European Union.


Greg backs Jeremy Hunt to be next Prime Minister

Greg is supporting the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister. Greg wrote about his reasons for supporting Jeremy Hunt in the following article, which was published in The Times on 4 June:

Why a customs union is the wrong choice for MPs

Why a customs union is the wrong choice for MPs

The Times, 27 March 2019

It is March 2021, and the UK has been in a permanent customs union with the EU since the House of Commons made the fateful decision on March 26, 2019 that this was the best future Brexit relationship.