News from Greg’s Surgery

This Monday, Greg Hands held his Fulham surgery at the Broadway Methodist Church, discussing issues and concerns, ranging from the Valuation Office to hospital care, with nine constituents.

One constituent, who had suffered a stroke some months ago, discussed with Greg the difficulties he faced in travelling around the area and the suitability of his accommodation. Greg has raised this gentleman’s case with the Royal Borough’s Housing Department so that they may give the constituent more assistance and advice in moving to a groundfloor property. This should also allow this Chelsea resident to keep a scooter in his home and gain some independence.

If constituents believe their Member of Parliament can assist with their problem Greg is keen to hear from them. Greg said: “I hold my surgeries almost every week of the year and I aim to solve the problem, or at least get my constituents an answer. To make an appointment contact me on or call 0207 219 5448.”