Greg raises with the PM concerns over recent comments made by EU officials

17th December 2018

Greg Hands (Chelsea and Fulham): Notwithstanding what Emmanuel Macron said on Friday, recent comments from the European Commission have been rather more hostile, and anything but nebulous. Martin Selmayr is reported to have told officials that losing Northern Ireland was the price of Brexit. Briefing EU ambassadors on the deal, Sabine Weyand said that the UK:

“must align their rules but the EU will retain all the controls.”

At the weekend, a further EU official was reported in The Times to have said:

“To use a Christmas theme, we want all parties and factions in the British parliament to feel the bleak midwinter.”

Does that sound to my right hon. Friend like people negotiating in good faith?

Theresa May, the Prime Minister: I have always been clear throughout this that these have been tough negotiations, but we have held our side and achieved a deal that delivers on the vote of the British people, and delivers it in a way that protects jobs and security and, I believe, protects our prosperity for the future.