Greg Hands urges postal voters to choose a brighter future for Britain

Registered postal voters in Chelsea and Fulham should have received their postal ballot paper for the General Election over recent days. They can be filled out and returned immediately, or any time up to polling day, May 7th.

Greg Hands, the Conservative Candidate for Chelsea and Fulham, is reminding postal voters of the choice facing voters at this election.

Greg said "The choice you have to make is a simple one. You can continue with the Conservative plan, which is working; delivering growth, jobs, and lower taxes. Or you can put all that at risk with Ed Miliband, whose policies of more spending, more borrowing, and higher taxes will lead to economic chaos.

"Just five years ago Britain rejected Labour. Our country was in crisis and they left us a note saying there was no money left. In just one term, with the Conservatives' economic management, we have halved the deficit, increased funding into the NHS, created jobs, and capped welfare to make work pay.

"But all this could come to a screeching halt if the SNP were calling the shots in a Labour minority government. This arrangement between those who would break up Britain and those who would bankrupt Britain, can only be avoided with a local Conservative vote. So give the Conservatives your vote at this election, and let's secure a better and brighter future for all of us."

Increasingly, people are finding postal voting more convenient. Voting by post and returning the ballot paper as soon as possible means voters can be assured their vote will count, in case any work or personal circumstances prevent someone from voting at the polling station on May 7th.

Alternatively residents can contact their local electoral service:

020 8753 4466 - - Hammersmith and Fulham Electoral

020 7361 3444 -  - Kensington and Chelsea