Greg Hands opposes curtailing 424 Bus Route through Fulham

Greg Hands, Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham, is opposed to the changes to the 424 bus route due to be proposed by Transport for London (TfL).

Greg is aware that TfL intends to conduct a formal consultation on proposed radical changes to the 424 bus route. Currently, the 424 bus runs right the way through Fulham, from Craven Cottage to Putney High Street, providing a vital service for residents in Sands End and Peterborough Road amongst other locations. However, TfL is proposing to change the route so that it will no longer include Bagley’s Lane, Pearscroft Road, Broughton Road, and Byam Street. Furthermore, the Sainsbury’s on Townmead Road, as well as Putney High Street – both of which are popular with shoppers – would no longer be included in the service. Moreover, of most concern, as a result of these changes Sands End would lose its only direct bus service.

Along with the local Conservative councillors for Sands End and Parsons Green & Walham wards, Greg Hands MP is opposed to such changes, saying, “I believe it is vital that Sands End should continue to have a bus service, and that the route should still reach Putney High Street. Pensioners who rely on the 424 for their shopping, and other local residents who rely on this route to go to work would be left without an option by these proposed changes.

“Accordingly, I believe that Transport for London should reconsider these poorly thought out proposals, and I intend to make a submission to the consultation as soon as it opens.”

In the meantime, the local Conservative councillors have sent out a petition to retain the 424 bus route, which can also be accessed at