Greg Hands M.P. pledges support for Guide Dogs in London

Team members from Guide Dogs for the Blind in London have met with the M.P. for Chelsea and Fulham, Greg Hands to seek his support for current Guide Dogs campaigns.

Greg Hands is fully supportive of the work Guide Dogs for the Blind is doing in London, and has agreed to raise several issues with colleagues to ensure the organisation gets its voice heard.

Dave Kent from Guide Dogs for the Blind in London said: “We have a number of campaigns that we’re highlighting with all London M.P.’s over the next few months, mainly dog attacks on guide dogs and street planning.

“Mr Hands was supportive of our calls to be involved in any street planning schemes in his constituency that involve any significant changes to the street layout. Our concern is that so called ‘shared spaces’ schemes that appear to be proving popular across the city and do not always take into account the issues faced by blind and partially sighted people.”

Greg added: “It was great to meet the London Guide Dog Team, and with my constituency having London’s highest proportion of blind and partially sighted people, it’s vital I hear their concerns. Like them, I’m keen to crackdown on dangerous dogs and we had a constructive discussion about how that debate can best be had.

“Local Authorities should also ensure that Guide Dogs for the Blind is made aware of, and involved in, any ‘shared spaces’ schemes. These schemes need to make clear to guide dog owners where the road begins and ends.”

More information about campaigns that Guide Dogs for the Blind are currently running can be found online at