Night Flights Consultation

The Government has announced the launch of its consultation on the future of night flights which is set to run until 22nd April. In 2012 the Government decided to maintain the current night flights regime, which allows for a set number of flights to take off and land at airports between 11 pm and 6 am, until 2014.

Like many Chelsea & Fulham residents, Greg also lives underneath the flight path and is woken up by aircraft noise in the middle of the night many nights. The argument for night flights revolves around the convenience each night of a few thousand passengers travelling from Hong Kong and Singapore, who would otherwise have to board their flights after midnight. Whilst Greg understands that business between London and the Far East is very important, he finds it unacceptable that the convenience of millions of London and South East residents under the flight path is sacrificed.

This consultation is your opportunity to say that night flights should be brought to an end. A number of the questions on the consultation are very technical, detailed and not directly relevant to night flights but do feel free to reply to those questions you find most important. 

The consultation is available to view and reply to by following this link: Night Flights Consultation.