National Citizen Service is a great opportunity for 16-year-olds in Chelsea & Fulham

Greg Hands has welcomed the launch of the second year of National Citizen Service. The national scheme for 16-year-olds was first  proposed by David Cameron in 2005 and has now been introduced by the Coalition Government. It brings together young people from different backgrounds in the summer after they have taken their GCSEs. After three weeks of team-building and outdoor activities, participants spend 30 hours helping to improve their communities.

There will be 30,000 places available on National Citizen Service this summer and The Challenge Network will run 195 places in Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea. By 2014, there will be 90,000 places available nationally. It is envisioned that the scheme will keep expanding until all 16-year-olds have a place.

Commenting, Greg Hands M.P., who met recently with the Challenge Network in the House of Commons, said: “National Citizen Service is a fantastic idea and a great thing for young people to do.

“It is all about giving young people the chance to come together from different backgrounds, have new experiences, learn new skills, understand how to work as a team, and give something back to the community. It’s also great news for the rest of us, as all young people taking part spend 30 hours making our community a better place.

“I am very pleased that there are 195 National Citizen Service places available locally. I hope that, eventually, all children will be able to benefit when they reach sixteen.”