More river boats from Putney Bridge and Chelsea Harbour to Blackfriars in morning and evening, with some continuing to Canary Wharf

The MBNA Thames Clipper River Bus Service taking commuters from Putney and Chelsea Harbour to the City and Canary Wharf has been expanded.
A new timetable introduced this week sees extra services added and the morning capacity doubled during the key commuting times of 7.25am and 7.55am.
That means there are now ten boats travelling east from Putney and stopping at Chelsea Harbour, next to Fulham's Imperial Wharf, between 6.17am and 10.07am and nine between 5.22pm and 9.25pm.
In the other direction, there are five boats coming west in the morning, and eight bringing people home in the evening and reaching the borders of Fulham between 5.04pm and 8.48pm.
And while most services on this RB6 route begin and end at Blackfriars, a number now continue to London Bridge and Canary Wharf, with the journey from Fulham to Canary Wharf taking less than 45 minutes.
Greg Hands MP welcomed the move: “I wrote to Boris some months ago about the service, and it has been part of my long-term plan for Fulham and Chelsea to see more passenger transport on the Thames. This is good news, and I look forward to hearing the views of my constituents about the expanded services.”
Sean Collins, MBNA Thames Clippers' CEO and co-founder, said: "Our route between Putney and Canary Wharf has been going from strength to strength, and the arrival of our new boats has certainly enhanced the customer experience. This growing popularity of the route has led to some sailings reaching capacity.  We took this rise in demand as an opportunity to ask our regular customers what changes they would most like to see to the service. Using this feedback, our new enhanced timetable was created."
MBNA Thames Clippers says it surveyed 740 customers and found 78% have used the service for at least a year and most since start of service. 40% said that they would use the service more if there were more direct morning sailings to London Bridge and Canary Wharf, and 43% would use the RB6 service more if there were more direct sailings in the evening from London Bridge and Canary Wharf, with 7pm onwards a popular option.