Monitor crime on your street at

Greg Hands M.P. has welcomed upgrades to the website. A series of improvements are giving the public an even more detailed picture of crime and anti-social behaviour in our local streets.

The website now records all incidents of crime and antisocial behaviour at train stations and on railway networks. Incidents occurring at or near significant local sites like shopping areas, nightclubs, parks, airports, universities, car parks and hospitals will be added in the coming months.

In addition, the website now has more detail on the precise location of incidents, while still protecting anonymity. From May, it will also show the action taken by the police or the justice system after a crime.

Commenting, Greg Hands M.P. said: “ allows everyone to see what is happening right on their street. It’s already received an astonishing 453 million hits in the year since its launch, and keeps getting better.

“The Government is listening to the public demand for more information on crime in their neighbourhood.

“It’s also a good reminder of how crime in London has fallen under Boris. There are 1,000 more police on London’s streets than was the case under Ken lets you see the work they do and hold them to account.”