Greg Hands welcomes BT Fibre Broadband expansion into Chelsea & Fulham

Greg Hands M.P. met this week senior representatives of British Telecom to see how the Government's priority for delivering SuperFast broadband in London is progressing. BT's new fibre broadband has the potential to transform the way we all use the internet and access consumer services and do business online. It provides broadband speeds ten times faster than current copper based broadband services. The good news is that Chelsea & Fulham is set to be well served by fibre broadband services, as part of BT’s £2.5bn national commercial investment. And this network will enable any service provider to use it to sell services – bringing consumer choice and helping to keep prices competitive.
By coincidence, Greg has paid to upgrade to fibre broadband himself at home in Fulham this week. The installation took only about half an hour.

Here is some information provided by BT about their work in Chelsea & Fulham:



There are four types of broadband that are available in Chelsea & Fulham for consumers, SMEs and larger businesses:

  1. Copper (ADSL) at speeds of up to 8Mb
  2. Enhanced copper to deliver higher speeds at speeds of up to 20Mb
  3. Fibre at speeds of up to 80Mb
  4. High capacity fibre leased lines, aimed pre-dominantly at larger businesses and some SMEs, are available throughout the constituency through products such as Ethernet

Provision in Chelsea & Fulham:

SFBB: Parsons Green accepting orders since Sept 2010, almost 19,000 premises to benefit, over 18,000 passed to date.

SFBB: Chelsea service planned for 2014, over 11,000 premises to benefit

SFBB: South Kensington service planned for the Autumn, over 9,500 premises to benefit, many of which are in the constituency

SFBB: Sloane service planned for the Autumn, over 3,500 premises to benefit many of which are in the constituency

ADSL2+ live at Parsons Green, Earls Court, Chelsea, South Kensington and Sloane exchanges