Greg Hands meets Local Residents concerned about new Stadium

On Friday, 27 January, Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham, Greg Hands, held a meeting with constituents concerned about Chelsea Football Club’s new stadium, which has recently been approved by Hammersmith & Fulham Council.
In the wake of the Council’s planning approval, residents from both Chelsea and Fulham have contacted their local Member of Parliament, Greg Hands, to express their concerns at Chelsea Football Club’s proposals to redevelop and expand its Stamford Bridge site to build a new 60,000-seater stadium.
Dissatisfied with the outcome of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s recent planning meeting, residents from the Billings, Stamford Cottages, Hilary Close, and Chelsea Studios came together to discuss their concerns and how best to proceed. Among the issues discussed were the proximity of a proposed walkway; subsidence; dust and pollution; security and safety; traffic and parking; and interference on television and mobile phone signals. The residents repeatedly referred to the need for ongoing communication, representation, and consideration from Chelsea Football Club and the local Council.
Speaking after the meeting, local Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham, Greg Hands said: “I have always supported Chelsea Football Club being in my constituency, and that effectively means staying on their current, 110 year historic site. However, it is essential that the Club and the Councils listen to local residents as the new stadium plans are taken forward.
“It was useful to be able to offer my help to constituents on Friday, as we met to discuss their concerns about the new stadium, and how I might be able to contribute to mitigating the impact of this vast project on their lives.
“I had already written to the Leader of the Council on this subject before the meeting, asking him how he plans to make good on his assurances to local residents – as well as fulfilling the more than 80 planning conditions imposed by the Council – while delivering protections and benefits for the area. I await his response.”

Chelsea Football Club’s statement on its planning approval can be found here, and more information can be found on the Council’s website.