Greg Hands meets with BT

This Friday, 10 February, Greg Hands MP held a meeting with BT executives to discuss the concerns of local residents in Chelsea & Fulham, who are struggling with their broadband provision. In particular, Greg raised the concerns of residents of Peterborough Road, Allestree Road, and Bramham Gardens, following correspondence that Greg has received about BT over the past few months.

During the meeting, BT sought to emphasise their willingness to engage with the public, advising that they are prepared to meet residents, and that they will attempt to address any problems that local residents might be having by email.

BT’s representatives explained that problems with a service can happen for a number of reasons: from problems with wiring, to building structures and materials in a location, and to how different areas fit within BT’s wider business plan.

However, they also pointed to some of the solutions which are possible when local residents involve BT, encouraging residents to seek information about services in their neighbourhood, which can be found at the ‘Open Reach Fibre Availability Checker’, or alternatively via the independent website.

Commenting on his meeting with BT, Greg Hands, Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham, said:  “It is crucial that people have access to reliable, fast broadband services, in a world where good internet is so essential to our personal and professional lives.

“While Chelsea and Fulham has good internet capacity compared with the national average, more can still be done, and I am absolutely willing to support anyone who is having problems with their broadband.”

Greg Hands urges any of his constituents who are having problems with their internet provision to contact him at or on 020 7219 5448, not forgetting to provide their full postal address and landline telephone number.