Greg Hands hosts Super Sewer Surgery

Last month local MP Greg Hands hosted a constituency surgery in Fulham, specifically for his constituents concerned about the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Greg held his surgery at St Matthew’s Church, Fulham, near Tideway’s Carnwath Road Riverside site. This surgery gave local residents the opportunity to explain to him in person their ongoing concerns about the Thames Tideway Tunnel project and the impact that the construction is having on their everyday lives. Those who attended Greg’s surgery raised concerns about noise and pollution from the construction and from traffic linked to the project; compensation; rodent infestations; and even about the very project management of the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Throughout more than a decade of representing residents’ concerns about the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Greg has always been clear in his stance: “I fought long and hard to prevent the Super Sewer from being dug at the Carnwath Road Riverside site in Fulham. I proposed alternative sites, spoke at three open meetings, lobbied Government ministers, wrote submissions, and now the best course of action is to continue representing the concerns of local residents.

“I am now serving my constituents by striving to mitigate the impact of the construction of this sewer on local residents, and to protect the interests of south Fulham.”

Greg would like to thank Rev William Rogers at St Matthew’s and all those who attended and facilitated the surgery.

While the most recent meeting of the Community Liaison Working Group has been postponed, details on progress being made at the Thames Tideway Tunnel Carnwath Road Riverside site can be found here.