Greg continues to engage with local residents and police in the fight against crime

Greg met last week with constituents in Lennox Gardens regarding the security situation in Chelsea and Knightsbridge. There has been a spate of home burglaries and thefts from cars in that area. The visit highlighted the fact that Lennox Gardens in particular appears to be inadequately lit, and as a result Greg has written to the council about that particular issue. Greg had previously written about the possibility of installing CCTV in Lennox Gardens, and stronger street lighting in Cadogan Lane. These matters are all the more pertinent now that the days are becoming shorter, and residents are frequently walking around in the dark.

Greg also spoke with one of the Brompton and Hans Town Safer Neighbourhoods Team, PCSO Amankou Amon, who informed him that the public should phone 999 if they see two riders on a moped without a number plate. This was information Greg was previously unaware of, and it is important that local residents pass this information on to one another. Greg is relieved to hear that moped crime has reduced significantly this year as the Police are taking tougher measures to combat it. Operational policing matters are dealt with by the Metropolitan Police, as they should be, however Greg would be happy to pass any comments that constituents might have on to them for their consideration. Greg continues to meet with local Police Officers, including Chief Superintendent Rob Jones.

Constituents with crime concerns should contact the police, their Councillors or Greg.