David Cameron’s Conservatives win election to form majority Government

At the General Election last week, the Conservatives won 331 seats to Labour’s 232. Prime Minister David Cameron will now hold a theoretical majority of 12 in the House of Commons, allowing his Government to pursue its agenda of building a more secure future for Britain.

The Conservatives’ overall victory in the election came as somewhat of a surprise to many in the country after most opinion polls had predicted a hung parliament.

In this historic victory the Conservatives won 28 more seats than in 2010, which is the first time an incumbent governing party has increased its seats since 1983 when Margaret Thatcher won a second term following the Falklands conflict.

Newly re-elected MP for Chelsea and Fulham, Greg Hands, said: “The Conservatives’ conclusive victory at this election is a clear vote of public confidence in our long term economic plan that we have been implementing for the last five years and will now continue with for the next Parliament. We now have a clear mandate to implement our manifesto pledges which will work towards building a more secure future for Britain.

“The people have spoken and they have clearly chosen a strong future for Britain, with the firm and decisive leadership of David Cameron, and rejected the package of instability, higher taxes and higher debt that Labour were offering.

“We now have a duty to repay the trust that Britain has placed in us, and to get to work on our plans to reduce the deficit, build the economy, create prosperity, and continue to improve education in our country so that families can enjoy a better future.”

The Conservatives fought the election campaign on six key manifesto themes:

1.             Britain living within its means
2.             Building a Britain with full employment
3.             Building a Britain that rewards work
4.             Building a Britain that gives every child the best start in life
5.             Building a Britain that offers everyone security in retirement
6.             Building a Britain where everyone who works hard can have a home of their own

Later this month will see the State Opening of Parliament, on Wednesday 27th May, in which the Queen’s Speech will outline more details of how these ambitions will form part of the Government’s legislative programme for the next year.

The Conservatives are putting working people front and centre of the new Government’s mission. The Prime Minister will announce new legislation that will be introduced within weeks to reform welfare, offer more apprenticeships, create two million jobs and help with childcare costs.

This is a ‘One Nation’ Government that will act in the interests of the whole country and be on the side of all hard-working people as Britain heads to a better, more secure future.