Crossrail 2 publishes its Interim Response

On 7 July, Crossrail 2 published its interim response to the public consultation it held between 27 October 2015 and 8 January 2016. This response came further to the Consultation Report, which Crossrail 2 published in March this year.
Crossrail 2 admits that this is only an interim response, and that it does not present definitive or final plans on a number of the options it consulted on. The report confirms that Crossrail 2 is still considering dozens of the challenges raised during the consultation, including stations that have attracted intense public scrutiny, such as that proposed for the King’s Road in Chelsea. In terms of the proposals for a station on the King’s Road, the interim response comments on issues related to worksites, the impact on local hospitals, and the feasibility of an alternative station at Imperial Wharf.
The earlier Consultation Report in March contained some very important initial results for Chelsea & Fulham. Indeed, the report showed that Question 20, which invited comments on the proposals for a Crossrail 2 station on the King’s Road in Chelsea, received the largest number of responses – 4,183 more than Balham in second place.
In total, the consultation received 14,716 comments on the station proposed for the King’s Road, with 12,637 respondents (86 per cent) expressing concerns and raising issues, compared with the 1,601 (11 per cent) who support the proposals. The Consultation Report’s diagram below shows the strength of the response received from Chelsea & Fulham:

On 10 March this year, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), published its report titled “Transport for a World City”, in which it acknowledged that it had considered options to reduce the absolute cost and scope of Crossrail 2. One of the possible means discussed was the removal of a sub-surface central London station at a saving of up to £1bn. In particular, the NIC noted the option of removing the Crossrail 2 station proposed for the King’s Road. In its interim response, Crossrail 2 has acknowledged that it needs to respond to the NIC’s concerns about the affordability of the project.
Ultimately, Crossrail 2 has confirmed that it will continue considering these issues over the summer, and that further design work is being carried out so that the proposals may be shared during the next public consultation.
Commenting on Crossrail 2’s interim response, Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham, Greg Hands, said: “It is important for local stakeholders to note that Crossrail 2 is still considering the issues raised and the concerns expressed by local residents with regard to the station proposed for the King’s Road. Crossrail 2 has also acknowledged that it still has to respond to the National Infrastructure Commission’s concerns.
“In light of the feasibility study I requested from TfL, and the comments made by TfL’s Commissioner, Mike Brown, I still disagree with Crossrail 2’s suggestion that the case for a station on the King’s Road is stronger than for one at Imperial Wharf, and I shall seek a further meeting with Mr Brown and Crossrail 2’s Managing Director, Dr Michèle Dix to make sure that alternative options have been sufficiently considered.”
Crossrail 2’s interim response can be found here.