Tribute to Baroness Thatcher

The news of Lady Thatcher’s death is terribly sad. She was, without question, Britain's greatest post-war Prime Minister and was always very kind to me.She made a huge difference to my Chelsea and Fulham constituents, as she did to the entire country. Her loss will be felt particularly hard in the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, with its Margaret Thatcher Infirmary and Chapel, where she often prayed.

Hands: Apprenticeships part of the ‘new norm’

Greg Hands M.P. has backed the Prime Minister’s vision of a new norm for young people in which they either go to university or start an apprenticeship. The PM set out his ambition to mark National Apprenticeship Week.

News from Greg’s surgery

This Monday, Greg Hands held his surgery at Fulham Broadway Methodist Church, discussing issues and concerns, ranging from nuisance tenants to student visas, with ten constituents.

Government triples Prompt Payment pledges in drive to support small businesses

Greg Hands M.P. has welcomed the news that the number of FTSE 350 firms signed up to the Prompt Payment Code has tripled in just four months. Since November last year, 94 new firms have joined.  Of the FTSE 100 companies, 64 have signed the Code and a further 12 are in the process of signing it.

Greg Hands welcomes BT Fibre Broadband expansion into Chelsea & Fulham

Greg Hands M.P. met this week senior representatives of British Telecom to see how the Government's priority for delivering SuperFast broadband in London is progressing. BT's new fibre broadband has the potential to transform the way we all use the internet and access consumer services and do business online. It provides broadband speeds ten times faster than current copper based broadband services. The good news is that Chelsea & Fulham is set to be well served by fibre broadband services, as part of BT’s £2.5bn national commercial investment. And this network will enable any service provider to use it to sell services – bringing consumer choice and helping to keep prices competitive.

News from Greg Hands M.P.’s surgery

This week at Greg Hands’s surgery seven constituents discussed their concerns about a number of issues, including housing and criminal records checks.

Hands praises new education focus in youth justice system

Greg Hands M.P. has welcomed new proposals from Conservative Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, to help young offenders turn their backs on crime.The new plans, published yesterday, mark a radically different approach. Transforming Youth Custody: Putting Education at the Heart of Detention aims to deliver value for the taxpayer, reduce reoffending and set young offenders on the path to a better life.

News from Greg’s Surgery

This Monday, Greg Hands held his Fulham surgery at the Broadway Methodist Church, discussing issues and concerns, ranging from the Valuation Office to hospital care, with nine constituents.