Greg Hands welcomes moves made so far to raise the personal allowance since 2010, meaning a big tax cut for hard working people

As politicians in Westminster, and the country at large, prepare for George Osborne’s Budget tomorrow (Wednesday 19th March), Chelsea and Fulham MP, Greg Hands, has said now is also a good time to look back at how the Budgets of the last four years, under the Conservative-led Coalition, have given a real tax cut to millions of working people through the raising of the personal allowance.

Greg Hands represents one of Britain’s healthiest constituencies

Greg Hands MP has welcomed the fact that Chelsea and Fulham residents consider themselves to be among the healthiest in the country, according to the latest 2011 Census. Almost 60% of residents report they are in “very good health”, which was the second highest level of reported good health of 650 UK constituencies.

Any future Labour or Lib – Lab Coalition Government would hit local residents hard with their “Homes Tax” (called by them a “Mansion Tax”)

Chelsea and Fulham MP, Greg Hands has voiced concerns that a future Labour Government, or a Lib – Lab Coalition in 2015, could hit local residents with a tax on their properties. Tens of thousands of local residents face being dragged into paying the Homes Tax, or “mansion tax” championed by the Liberal Democrats, and Labour.

Greg Hands MP welcomes new bigger, cooler, walk-through trains on District Line

Local MP Greg Hands has welcomed the news that after leading a long running campaign, new trains are to come into service on the District Line later this month. For many years Greg has campaigned for more frequent and upgraded trains on the District Line, and especially the Wimbledon branch. Chelsea and Fulham has the highest number of Tube users of any London constituency. In 2011 14,000 residents responded in a TfL consultation which resulted in five more rush-hour trains running through Fulham during the morning peak. 

Greg Hands Welcomes suspension of Tube strikes

Chelsea and Fulham MP, Greg Hands, has welcomed news that the RMT have agreed to call off their planned strike following talks with Transport for London. It means further unnecessary disruption to London and Londoners has been averted. The planned 48-hour London Tube strike was due to begin at 9pm yesterday evening, as part of an ongoing row over the modernisation of the Tube.