Greg Hands visits Chelsea Muslim Community

Greg Hands, Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham, visited the Chelsea Muslim Community at their local Hub on the World’s End Estate on Friday 29May. 

Greg Hands welcomes 2,900 local businesses benefiting from tax cut

Conservative Candidate, Greg Hands, has welcomed new figures released by HMRC which show that 2,900 businesses in Chelsea and Fulham have benefited from the Government’s Employment Allowance since its introduction a year ago, making it easier for small businesses to hire staff and create new jobs.

Greg Hands joins the Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury – first MP for Fulham at the Cabinet table since 1970, first MP for Chelsea since 1940

The Prime Minister has appointed Greg Hands, Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham, as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, in the first Cabinet reshuffle following the General Election.Greg Hands will take up the second most senior position in the Treasury, after the Chancellor, George Osborne, The Chief Secretary is responsible for public expenditure including spending reviews and strategic planning, welfare reform, and efficiency and value for money in public service.

Greg Hands wins third term as MP, on an increased share of the vote

Greg Hands was re-elected to a third term as MP for Chelsea & Fulham on Thursday, with an increased share of the vote. Having won the seat from Labour in 2005 (as Hammersmith & Fulham), Greg has increased the Conservative vote share at all three elections, in 2005, 2010 and 2015.