Hands: High Speed 2 great news for West London

Greg Hands M.P. has welcomed the Government’s announcement that HS2 will go ahead, with Old Oak in Hammersmith & Fulham confirmed as the key London interchange. The route will link London to the West Midlands and the north of England, adding up to 26,000 more seats for rail passengers and slashing journey times by as much as half.

Greg Hands M.P.'s speech at the “Super Sewer Summit”

Greg Hands M.P., Hurlingham & Chelsea School
Wednesday 7th December 2011
First, can I give my congratulations to Hammersmith and Fulham Council for arranging this summit, to Hurlingham & Chelsea School for hosting us, and to Stephen Greenhalgh, Nigel Henson, Alex Kennaugh and to Thames Water for their participation.

Greg Hands M.P. raises concerns over Brompton Cemetery

Letter to LBH&F and RBK&C Planning Departments
Dear Mr Pallace,Proposed Seagrave Road DevelopmentI visited Brompton Cemetery on Friday with the Chairman of the Friends of Brompton Cemetery to see for myself what impact the proposed Seagrave Road development might have on the listed Cemetery.

Hands slams Thames Water over failure to consider Super Sewer impact on schools

Greg Hands M.P. has condemned Thames Water for failing to include any local state schools in its ‘Environmental Information Report’ on the Super Sewer. Despite producing a 355 page appendix on its proposed main bore site in Fulham’s Carnwath Road, the only school referred to in the document is Thomas’s Fulham Preparatory School on Hugon Road.

Hands echos warnings on bogus doorstep collectors

Greg Hands M.P. is backing the campaign against bogus charity bags. People who take part in charity collections are being warned to make sure that the goods will reach genuine causes.

Hands condemns Labour's mortgage bombshell

Greg Hands M.P. has warned homeowners in Chelsea and Fulham of the consequences for them should the Government stops dealing with the deficit. Labour’s plans to borrow yet more money could hike the average family’s mortgage bill by as much as £5,000 per year. The full detail of Labour's three point plan for £326 billion of more spending, more borrowing and more debt was revealed in a dossier published this week.

Hands busts five Thames Water myths

MYTH 1 – The Super Sewer will stop 39 million tonnes of sewage entering the Thames each year. In fact, the tunnel will only stop 18 million tonnes of discharge – the remaining 21 million tonnes are being stopped by work that has already begun. Thames Water also admit that more than 95% of the discharge from CSOs is actually rainwater.