Social care revolution will help families in Chelsea and Fulham

Greg Hands M.P. has welcomed the Government’s proposals to transform social care, which were published last week. The current system is variable, with different services and standards in different parts of the country, and it can place huge financial obligations upon families.

Hands: save Charing Cross hospital

Greg Hands M.P. is urging local residents to join the fight to save Charing Cross hospital on Fulham Palace Road. Under proposals published yesterday, both the Accident and Emergency department and other critical services would be lost.NHS North West London proposes closing four of the nine A&E centres in the area and downgrading some hospitals, including Charing Cross, from ‘major’ centres with a wide range of clinical specialisms to ‘local’ hospitals. The NHS preferred option could also see the loss of the hyper-acute stroke unit at Charing Cross.

Super Sewer anger as Thames Water snub thousands of Fulham residents

Water giant ignores massive local opposition to tunnelling from Carnwath RoadGreg Hands M.P. has condemned Thames Water for snubbing the thousands of local residents who wrote to oppose the Super Sewer. More than 3,000 residents from Fulham and Chelsea responded directly to Thames Water’s consultation and a further 5,000 signed petitions against locating the main bore site in Carnwath Road.Despite this, Thames Water has announced that they will press ahead with their plans because “no new information” emerged.

Boris backs Fulham in fight over Super Sewer

Many Fulham and Chelsea residents will have seen the welcome news in recent weeks of Boris Johnson declaring his opposition to the use of Carnwath Road, SW6, as the main drill site for Thames Water’s “Super Sewer” and his call for a “re-think” of the whole project and his announcement of a full consultation.

Hands: 17,000 gain from the biggest State Pension rise in history

Greg Hands M.P. has welcomed the biggest ever cash rise in the Basic State Pension, which came into effect this month.The Government’s new ‘triple lock’ guarantee on the Basic State Pension ensures it rises every year with inflation, earnings or 2.5 per cent – whichever is the highest. This month, it has risen by £5.30 a week, some £275 a year. As a result of the triple lock, pensioners will be an average of £15,000 better off over the course of their retirement.

Hands: a tax cut of £220 for 40,000 people in Chelsea and Fulham

New analysis reveals that 40,000 local residents will benefit from the increase in the personal allowance made in last month’s Budget. The increase of £1,100, which is the largest ever announced, will make most basic-rate taxpayers £220 better off.

Mass Accident and Emergency closure threat across west London

Plans for the mass closure of A&E units across north-west London are being attacked by Greg Hands M.P. and Hammersmith & Fulham Council.The proposals, which have just surfaced and are due to be consulted at the end of the month, could see north-west London NHS bureaucrats close four of nine A&E units in a top-down reorganisation of hospital services.

National Citizen Service is a great opportunity for 16-year-olds in Chelsea & Fulham

Greg Hands has welcomed the launch of the second year of National Citizen Service. The national scheme for 16-year-olds was first  proposed by David Cameron in 2005 and has now been introduced by the Coalition Government. It brings together young people from different backgrounds in the summer after they have taken their GCSEs. After three weeks of team-building and outdoor activities, participants spend 30 hours helping to improve their communities.

Boris on the Super Sewer

Mayor Boris Johnson receives Greg Hands M.P., H&F Council Deputy Leader Nicholas Botterill and Fulham residents in his office at City Hall this week to hear local concerns about the Super Sewer, or Thames Tunnel.In a very encouraging meeting, Boris told residents "I will totally defend Carnwath Road and reject any damage to the quality of life of residents in Fulham" and said about the wider Thames Tunnel project that "we may need to re-think the whole scheme.”