This video will amaze you. Alex Salmond laughing and boasting about how he'll write the next Labour budget:

It shows more clearly than ever the chaos that would come from the SNP propping up Ed Miliband - and calling the tune in Downing Street.  With the SNP in charge, there would be more taxes, more borrowing and more debt - and hardworking families across Britain would pay the price.
Please watch and share this video today. Everyone in Britain needs to see it - and everyone needs to vote Conservative on 7th May to stop Ed Miliband and the SNP from wrecking our country.

Unemployment almost halved in Chelsea and Fulham with David Cameron's Conservatives - don't risk it with Ed Miliband, Labour and the SNP

Greg Hands has welcomed new figures showing that in the five years since the last election, unemployment in Chelsea and Fulham has fallen by almost half, under the Conservative-led Coalition Government. Official, independent figures released on 17th April show 994 fewer people in Chelsea and Fulham claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or Universal Credit compared with 2010 - a 48 per cent drop. This means more people in work, with the security of a good job and a regular income.