“Absent Andy” ignores recall and riots

Slaughter has no time on holiday even to comment

There is confirmation that Labour MP for Hammersmith, Andrew Slaughter, ignored the recall of Parliament to stay on his holiday. Thursday’s emergency session was held to debate the riots in London and other cities.

Local blogger, Chris Underwood, broke the news this morning, describing Slaughter as “in the firing line after deciding to stay on holiday instead of returning to the emergency Parliamentary debate”.

The Commons chamber was packed for the debate. Some MPs flew back from across the world to attend, despite representing seats that were completely uninvolved.

Dozens of London MPs questioned the Prime Minister and spoke about how their constituencies were affected. Mr Slaughter is the only London MP known not to have been present.

There have been tensions across West London since the riots began, with horrific scenes in neighbouring Ealing, where an elderly man was murdered. Police from South Wales and Hampshire have been patrolling the streets of Shepherds Bush. Although many of his constituents have been terrified, Slaughter has yet to make any comment.

At least one Hammersmith resident tried to contact him via Twitter with concerns about her area, but did not appear to get a response.

Many people are now questioning his judgement.