Consultation - Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge Temporary Bridge Consultation 

Since the bridge closed in April last year, I have been working to have Hammersmith Bridge repaired and re-opened as soon as possible. 

Five miles of the north bank of the River Thames is currently uncrossable by motor vehicles. This is an unprecedented situation for such a densely populated part of London. 

20,000 vehicles used Hammersmith Bridge daily prior to its closure. Currently, 15,000 of those vehicles are making journeys via alternative routes. The performance of the road network has deteriorated sharply. Fulham Palace Road is taking an additional 3,000 vehicles a day and Putney Bridge is taking an additional 4,000 vehicles daily. It seems likely that both Munster Road and Parsons Green Lane are also taking hundreds of extra vehicles a day.

I think it is paramount to find a cost-efficient and innovative solution to relieve local traffic and re-open Hammersmith Bridge as soon as possible.

There are currently two proposals available, and I believe it is important for residents to have their say on which option they prefer. 

Please complete my consultation to tell me what you think about a temporary bridge, and to give your views on a preferred design. I will use these results to help our campaign for a solution as quickly as possible.


Temporary Bridge Proposals 

Option A - Transport for London's Temporary Bridge for Pedestrians and Cycles ONLY

TfL Temporary Bridge Proposal

(Figure 1 - TfL Proposed Temporary Bridge, EIA Screening Report, page 5)


Option B - Marine Engineers Beckett Rankine's Temporary Road Bridge Proposal for motor vehicles, including ambulances, the police and public buses. 

Beckett Rankine Temporary Road Bridge Proposal

Beckett Rankine Temporary Road Bridge - Flat Plan



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Consultation for a Temporary Bridge