STOP Night Flights & the Heathrow Third Runway

Heathrow Airport

I resigned from the Government in June 2018 to vote against the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport. The proposals will have a negative impact on my constituents for three main reasons:

  • It will damage our precious urban environment
  • A large hub airport is not in the national interest
  • Night flights are a wholly unnecessary stain on the liveability of London, including Chelsea and Fulham.

As a result, I urge you to sign my petition to stop night flights and the Third Runway:

"We, the undersigned constituents of Chelsea & Fulham, regret the decision to give the go-ahead for the Third Runway at Heathrow; we call on the decision to be revoked and further call for the abolition of all night flights (those before 6am) into the airport."

Petition to stop Night Flights and the Heathrow Third Runway

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Greg Hands MP Announces Heathrow Event

Local MP, Greg Hands, is pleased to announce that he has organised a Heathrow Airport consultation event for his constituents in Fulham and Chelsea.