Reversing LBHF’s disastrous SW6 traffic scheme

The SW6 traffic scheme, referred to locally as the ‘South Fulham traffic, congestion and pollution reduction scheme’, has created gridlock in South Fulham, with knock-on congestion and increased air pollution across Fulham as a result of the displaced traffic.

Currently under the scheme, designated restricted roads are monitored by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which punishes unsuspecting drivers passing through the road without permitted access with a £130 PCN. Visitors, traders, outer borough local business employees and essential delivery drivers all fall out of the scope of the scheme and are subsequently penalised, with only provisions for London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) residents to apply for a visitor permit on every occasion and restrictively limited to one per household.

Hundreds of frustrated local businesses and residents across Fulham and Chelsea have contacted their MP to raise grave concerns, including many reporting to have received multiple penalty charge notices on one occasion.

Following mounting concerns, the Greg Hands MP organised and chaired a virtual public meeting in November 2020, attended by over 130 local residents and businesses, local Councillors, officials from LBHF, representatives from Transport for London (TfL), local London Assembly Member, Tony Devenish AM, and a representative from the Wandsworth Bridge Road Association (WBRA).

The meeting provided local businesses and residents the long overdue opportunity to put their questions and concerns directly to LBHF – who are responsible for introducing and enforcing the scheme – for the first time, in some cases, given the lack of residents’ engagement and consultation ahead of the implementation of the scheme.

On 1 December 2020, Greg Hands MP submitted his petition demanding LBHF to immediately cancel its ‘SW6 Traffic Reduction Scheme’, which received a staggering 5,539 signatures.

Greg Hands MP continues to campaign for disastrous scheme to be cancelled and is waiting for a full response to the significant petition from LBHF.